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Student loans to finance the learning-intensive time. The study time, in particular, is very learning-intensive. Many students have a part-time job. However, if there is no support from the parents or through a student loan, the income is rarely sufficient to cover the costs.

In this case, students can also use student loans. Good Credit in particular offers students supports at low-interest rates. There are also numerous online providers who have any loans on offer. But what needs to be considered when taking out a student loan? Below we have summarized some important aspects.

The target group of student loans

The target group of student loans

As a rule, young people start studying after they have completed it. Thus, the offer of such a loan is primarily aimed at young people who are between the ages of 19 and 26. It is not uncommon for students to exceed the standard period of study and need a longer period of time to successfully complete their studies. It also happens that career changers start studying and are accordingly much older. In these cases, the credit institution may make an individual decision.

Student loans do not necessarily have to be limited to the stated age. However, it should be noted that any loans are really only intended for students.

For example, specialist training cannot be financed through a student loan. Credit providers are more accommodating during a semester or internship abroad. Experience abroad is often part of the course. For this reason, loan providers tend to be flexible in financing such experiences.

Other financing options

Other financing options

Student loans are usually reluctant to take out. The learners have little financial means and usually do not want to go into debt. This means that family-internal financing options are sought first. For example, parents whose children start studying are usually subject to maintenance.

However, not all parents can afford the cost of their studies. In such cases, students have the opportunity to apply. However, this depends on the parent. For example, if there are loans for houses in the family, but the pure income is above the limit, students may not get a student loan. Family burdens are usually not taken into account in the application. This can lead to a discrepancy. If this cannot be compensated for with a part-time job, the only way is often to get a student loan.

The advantage of any loan is that it only has to be paid back after completing your studies. However, the time may be exceeded by a maximum of two to three semesters.

This regulation must be clarified with the respective loan provider. It should also be noted that part-time studies cannot be financed through such a form of credit. Student loans are only intended for full-time students. The reason for this is that part-time students have more time to work and should, therefore, finance themselves.

Student loans for distance learning?

As with part-time studies, distance learning is geared towards being able to work. As a result, student loans for distance learning are normally not intended. In addition, any loans are usually only granted to students from a state-recognized university. Under certain circumstances, however, cooperation with a credit provider can take place. You should inform yourself about this at the individual institutes. Possibly. there are already cooperations between the Fernhochschule and credit institutions.

Can minors take out a student loan?

Can minors take out a student loan?

First of all, minors are of limited legal capacity according to Good Finance. Since loans are only granted to people with full legal capacity, minors are neglected here. However, underage students can take out a loan to finance the learning period if the legal guardians give their consent and approval is given to the family court. With the introduction of Good Finance, this process could take place more often.

Student loans for a doctorate?

The form of any loan is intended to finance the first degree. A student loan is generally not considered for a doctorate. There may be deviations in individual cases. However, universities generally have a budget to support doctoral degrees.


Student loans must be paid back after completing your studies. Depending on the provider, it can be contractually stated that the loan must be repaid 6 to 24 months after starting work. As a rule, installment payments only have to be made when a financial income actually arises.

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