Mortgage Credit Instant – What is the right solution

“Super Fast Loan” etc. are just a few of the names with which. So you can immediately benefit from historically low-interest rates, even if your mortgage is due later. For loan repayment problems is the right solution: If you see the problem, talk to the bank immediately.

Loan agreements are created in practice by credit institutions


Loan agreements are created in practice by credit institutions. He may, when appointed by the liquidator, exercise supervision over them in order to make them clearer and more understandable; find and propose better solutions for the borrower; Provisions that may reflect an unfounded contractual imbalance of the debtor, delete, etc.

This type hardly differs today from a “normal” mortgage loan. On the other hand, there is the so-called one-page mortgage, which has been widely used in the recent past.

The only difference is that only the debtor must go to the insolvency administrator (since this is essential for the appointment of Good Finance).

Now is the time to focus attention on one important aspect. The availability of funds takes place immediately after the loan.

The matter is important because the borrower often has the necessary capital immediately to compensate the seller for the building, which at the same time provides the guarantee for the house bank!

Request from the National Bank a bridging loan


A possible remedy is to request from the National Bank a bridging loan (“pre-financing”), which covers the time frame between the determination of the loan and the time required to consolidate the guarantee, but not all credit institutions are available for this purpose.

He recognizes that he can transfer the part of the loan to the future new purchaser of the house.

1) The buyer must agree to this purchase. Agreed?

2) the shores are partially an obstacle to operation. This means that the house bank does not change the customer after the execution of the mortgage loan, but buys another so that if the new customer does not pay to the house bank, the house bank can still have a claim against the original borrower.

New purchase agreement


Basically, the transferor deletes his land charge, while the acquirer, if necessary, has himself signed a new purchase agreement. But here, too, the notary can help by pointing out the concrete alternative and the associated expenses.

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